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When the publishers mooted the idea of a McLevy novel, I felt like running for the hills. I work on instinct – formalised thought and structure is not my port of call – I know where I’ll end, but how I actually get there is always a complete mystery. Mind you – it was supposed to be a mystery story in any case.

Fall From Grace by David Ashton - Click here to purchase

Mistress of the Just Land

Number five – Mistress of the Just Land – Jean Brash shoots from the hip.

Jean Brash, once a child of the streets, now Mistress of the Just Land – on her own and on the case  … of  violent murder.

New Year’s Day - and through the misty streets of Victorian Edinburgh an elegant, female figure walks the cobblestones - with a certain vengeful purpose.

Jean Brash, the Mistress of the Just Land, brings her cool intelligence to solving a murder, a murder that took place in her own bawdy-house (the best in Edinburgh and her pride and joy).

A prominent judge, strangled and left dangling, could bring her whole life to ruin and she didn’t haul herself off the streets, up through low dirty houses of pleasure and violent vicious men - to let that happen. The search for the killers will take Jean back into her own dark past as she uncovers a web of political and sexual corruption in the high reaches of the Edinburgh establishment.  A young boy’s death long ago is demanding justice but, as the body count increases, she has little time before a certain Inspector James McLevy, comes sniffing round like a wolf on the prowl.

Jean may be on the side of natural justice but is she on the side of the law? Or will the law bring her down?

And to follow in September 2017 another Jean Brash THE LOST DAUGHTER for Two Roads publishers.




I’ve also branched out into my other love – football – and written for the Blizzard magazine stories from my childhood some fictional some near the factual knuckle – these also may end up on ebooks. I could of course learn the tango instead of all this.