David Ashton - Actor

What is that song in Pinocchio? “Hi-diddle-dee-dee, An actor's life for me, A high silk hat and a silver cane, A watch of gold with a diamond chain..” not quite but I’ve had my moments. Since 1967 I’ve learned my trade and though I thank the Lord that I diversified into writing I still enjoy an occasional gallop, like an old horse let loose in a green field.

It seemed according to my mother, that I first displayed the warning signs at the age of six when announcing to one and all during one of the family “concerts” that I would perform a rendition of “And then there were none," a nursery poem where ten little lads were bumped off in rhyme.

I launched forth illustrating by words and gesture the grisly fate of each unfortunate boy, had learned the lines off by heart and received a tremendous round of applause that I’ve been searching out ever since.

As my father said no doubt not realising what a doom he was laying on our family – where did that come from?

I played in amateur drama for about eight years starting at the age of fifteen and then in 1964-67 left Scotland to study at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

If I hadn’t been for acting, I’d have never left home.

I’m afraid I never really went back.